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The Back Office

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

We, at Team WAD, are grateful to Ahlia University's Design Department for the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with their students during a 2 hour lecture on designing a "back office".

We briefly discussed the spatial requirements of designing an office and then dove into joinery detailing: what to detail and how to detail a built-in meeting room a/v unit and the office pantry.

Our aim with our lectures and workshops is to bridge the gap between their education and the realities of the design profession and equipping them with knowledge based on our experience.

At our lectures, we provide students with handouts full of design tips and information and other useful resources that we have collected over the years during our practice. Our hope is to empower them to be competent interns and eventually as professionals because at the end of the day, we all know that "knowledge is power"!

To learn more about the Interior Design program at Ahlia University, please visit the link below:

Please feel free to reach out us to know more about our workshops!

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