The Role of Internship

On the 20th of June, WAD attended a forum to discuss the role that internship plays in increasing the employability of university students.

The forum was called "Building Partnership Capacity for Students Employability" and was hosted by Ahlia University under the general patronage of the Minister of Labour and Social Development, Jameel Bin Mohammed Ali Hamaidan.

The forum was divided into 2 sessions. The first session was a discussion on the role of internship in student employability and the second session was aimed to discuss the impact of internship on student employability. Several guest speakers from leading companies were invited to speak about their experiences with interns over the years and share their views on internship based on these experiences.

One notable speaker, Dr. Akbari of ALBA, mentioned that internship should pave the way for students to reach the standards required from full time company employees so that they can be easily absorbed into the organisation once they graduate. He also believes in the benefit of starting internship from the first year of tertiary education and in this way the company becomes a training centre.

Internship, ideally therefore prepares students for the profession they are choosing to embark on, helps boost their confidence in making practical decisions related to their field and updates them on the latest information and tools in the market.

Minhati: Empowering Employability in Bahrain

The Bahrain Institute of Technology also presented a development program they created that "aims to help job seekers enhance their employability chances through a rigorous process of assessment, training programs, internship and employability booster program." [1]

Their plan to achieve this goal is by providing first-class education and training and therefore build students that will eventually become contributing members to the development of the local economy.

To know more about Minhati please visit www.bit.com.bh

To know more about Ahlia Universitye please visit www.ahlia.edu.bh


1. Handout. Mihati Empowering Employability in Bahrain. 2019 23rd June.

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